University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Oxendine Science Building

Pembroke, North Carolina




University of North Carolina at Pembroke


92,087 sq.ft.

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The Oxendine Science Building project updates an existing 58,621-square-foot facility that housed classrooms and outdated laboratories, with a 33,466-square-foot addition. The new wing adds six faculty research labs and eight teaching labs to renovated classrooms and faculty offices, and provides modern research and teaching facilities to students and faculty.
The faculty, administration and designers collaborated to develop a facility that responds to the needs of a growing university. A space-analysis study determined the optimal assignment of campuswide classroom and office space to meet the projected needs of the university. The architect worked with the departments moving out of Oxendine into interim space to help them prepare and plan the logistics of this move and also the move from interim space back into the expanded building.
The project also evaluated existing furniture for reuse and specified new furniture for classrooms, laboratories and offices, with an emphasis on flexibility and ease of purchase.

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