University of Miami Student Services Building

Coral Gables, Florida


Civica, LLC


University of Miami


30,000 sq.ft.

Total Cost


Completion Date


Design Team
Rolando Llanes, AIA (Principal-in-Charge); Julio Guillen, AIA (Project Manager); German Delgadillo (Project Architect)

The three-story Student Services Building at the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus is along the north-south axis originally proposed as the main organizing element of the campus’ 1925 master plan. The building houses departments dedicated to providing counseling, tutoring and support services to University of Miami students.

The overall design direction of the project is founded on the recognition and appreciation of the campus’ unique tropical setting. The site is on the west side of a heavily traveled pedestrian path that links a student housing complex to the south with the Business School and other academic buildings to the north.

The building’s massing is composed of a series of independent volumes arranged in a manner that reinforces the project’s link to the north-south axis of the campus. Each volume retains a unique geometry, color, and materiality.

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2021 Architectural Portfolio



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Student Centers/Service Areas

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