Pinecrest Academy Wesley Chapel Charter School

Wesley Chapel, Florida


Civica, LLC


Avalon Park School Initiative III JV LLC


62,122 sq.ft.

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Design Team
Rolando Llanes, AIA (Principal in Charge); Julio Guillen, AIA (Senior Associate/Project Manager); Tomasz Modzelewski (Architectural Associate); Sheila Corzo (Support Staff)

Pinecrest Wesley Chapel Charter School is situated in Avalon Park, a planned residential community in Pasco County, Fla. The two-story facility is designed to serve students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The school is on a campus with an existing church that has served the community for decades; they share parking and other infrastructure. Local stormwater retention criteria required the construction of a large pond on the site. The school was designed to frame the pond, creating a visual amenity for students and staff. Spaces such as the science and art labs, the lunch spill-out area, and outdoor play courts have views and adjacency to the pond.

The linear classroom wing is perpendicular to the special area annex that contains the cafeteria and miscellaneous laboratories. These two elements are connected by way of a second-level bridge that also provides a framed view of the classroom wing and pond as one enters the campus.

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RD Michaels Inc.



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