Pinecrest Academy North Charter School

Miami-Dade County, Florida


Civica, LLC


Fontainebleau School Property LLC


57,142 sq.ft.

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Design Team
Rolando Llanes, AIA (Principal-in-Charge); Julio Guillen, AIA (Project Manager); Alvaro Briganti (Project Architect)

The Pinecrest Academy North Charter School project is a two-story educational facility in the Fontainebleau neighborhood of Miami-Dade County, Fla. The facility serves 800 students in grades three through eight and is organized around an open courtyard the provides the school with a space for both recreational and civic uses.

In addition to a variety of instructional spaces, the building includes administrative areas, a lunchroom and a large indoor multipurpose space that serves multiple functions. Circulation is organized by way of an open breezeway that fronts the courtyard and provides students with a constant experiential link to the outdoors. The long, linear site is ideal for accommodating the required parking, as well as providing a significant amount of vehicular queuing space—facilitating the movement of vehicles in and out of the narrow site.

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