Clemson University, STI Visitors Center

Clemson, South Carolina


Clemson University


11,000 sq.ft.

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Where can you move a university visitors center on short notice? Not just anywhere. In addition to being well-situated for campus tours, a visitors center requires easy vehicular access for guests and buses, parking, and a large auditorium space for presentations.

Clemson University experienced this challenge when it started building a new business school facility in 2017 and learned that the construction would disrupt safe access to the visitors center.
The university identified the Strom Thurmond Institute (STI) Building, which housed the special collections library, as an ideal place to relocate the visitors center because it had the appropriate access and features.

The design was focused on stripping the existing space down to its structure to create a large open lobby with high ceilings and a tastefully spirited interior. The library special collections was given its own entrance and lobby space to host teaching and special events. In addition, the special collections library spaces were made more transparent while maintaining the tight security needed.

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