Robert Gray Elementary School

Longview, Washington


DLR Group


Longview School District


47,000 sq.ft.

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Set on a basalt rock ridge within a community whose heritage is interwoven with the local timber and aluminum industries, this dynamic school is specifically designed for its surroundings. Wood pilasters, with aluminum detail, reach up to a framework of intricate wood members, rich color and high scale. The classroom façade elements project into lobby space in treehouse fashion. The theme of wood and aluminum proceeds throughout the school in the articulation of windows, doors and frames.
Every space opens off the entry hall, making it the heart of the school. This layout allows for one-glance supervision. Common spaces lie here and are flanked by a corridor on either side. This keeps a school built for 600 feeling small because students, at most, must walk half the length of the corridor to reach any necessary area.
Emphasis was given to the individual classroom. As the educational curriculum changes, this dynamic space can adapt quickly. Strategically located casework and operable walls between classrooms create flexible spaces. Cleverly located at one end, it provides the space to instruct both classes, creates a large-group wet-project area and more.

Photographer: ©Chris J. Roberts

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