Pleasant View Elementary School

Joshua, Texas




Godley ISD


109,345 sq.ft.

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Pleasant View Elementary School is a new campus within a master planned community. This two-story facility has seven academic houses and is designed for 700 students. Large collaboration areas are situated within each academic house. Nearby, small group areas and an open science lab are used for breakout instruction. Outdoor space on the first and second floor, including a large amphitheater, enhance the learning environment.

The Center for Learning and Innovation (CL&I) at the heart of the campus functions as a library, large group area, staff development space and for dining and assembly. It mimics a park with winding pathways, green space, organic forms, tree-like structures and a cloud-inspired ceiling motif. This aesthetic is carried through into academic houses to create a welcoming, comfortable and imaginative space for students.

The CL&I is anchored at one end with a multipurpose stage/flex classroom and at the other end with a learning stair that can seat two classes. Spaces around the perimeter use trellises to bring down the scale of the space.

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