C.E. King High School

Houston, Texas




Sheldon Independent School District


563,540 sq.ft.

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Sheldon ISD’s new high school is on a 180-acre site that serves academic and civic purpose. Pathways connect the high school to a district stadium and elementary school. An iconic rotunda is the central feature of the school and lights up at night.

C.E. King High School replaced a 50-year-old facility; it maintained its name and sense of pride while adopting a modern aesthetic to support personalized learning. Elements of civic, social, and learning experiences are arranged in order of purpose and function. The entry is a beacon that establishes identity. Civic functions—athletics and performing arts—are prominently placed along the entry promenade. The socially driven main spine welcomes users through a three-story commons that encompasses dining, media center and outdoor learning. The spine leads into the academic wing.

An academy structure forms schools of choice for Business and Industry, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Construction, Public Services, Human Services, STEM, and an Early College High School. These “living laboratories” for learning, personal identity, and intellectual needs feature classrooms, labs, collaborative areas and teacher workrooms.

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