Northeastern University, Bernard M. Gordon Tribute to Engineering Leadership

Boston, Massachusetts


Pressley Associates, Landscape Architects


Northeastern University


2,600 sq.ft.

Completion Date


The architects collaborated to develop the Bernard M. Gordon Tribute to Engineering Leadership. Named for legendary engineering innovator Bernard Gordon, the tribute chronicles the achievements of Gordon and 10 other world-renowned engineering leaders through a series of videos and contextual background images. Gordon’s contributions to Northeastern include founding the landmark Gordon Engineering Leadership Program, and in that spirit, the tribute is intended to inspire and educate future generations of engineering leaders.

The landscape architect assisted in the development and placement of the portal tribute, which stands 12 feet tall and is equipped with motion-activated video displays along its rectangular archway. When a viewer passes through the portal, the LED display activates with moving patterns and videos, providing information on each pioneering engineer.

The tribute is adjacent to the Snell Engineering Center in a newly paved plaza. Landscape enhancements include a complex pavement design drawing from symbols found in the scientific world, new plantings, contemporary seating and lighting elements.

"A jewel of a project; an interesting high-tech solution. I would make sure my daily travel took me through this path."–2012 jury

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Associated Firm

Selbert Perkins Design; Design Communications Limited


Landscape Architecture Citation

Featured in

2012 Architectural Portfolio



Product suppliers specified

Benches/Site Furnishings by Landscape Forms
Brick/Masonry by Stiles & Hart
Lighting & Accessories by B-K Lighting

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