Montgomery College, The Long Nguyen and Kimmy Duong Student Services Center

Rockville, Maryland


Montgomery College


128,000 sq.ft.

Total Cost


Completion Date


Design Team
Mark Nook (Principal); Jeff Morgan (Project Architect); Ryan Simpson (Architect, BCJ); Allison McElheny (Architect)

The new Student Services Center on Montgomery College’s Rockville campus serves as a landmark anchoring the newly developed pedestrian mall. The main design goal of this four-story high-performance building is to juxtapose the mix of activities and services in a way that creates excitement and vibrancy all under one roof as a “One Stop Shop.” This project streamlines the most common student services at one convenient location. Some of the programs are Student Life, Financial Aid, Counseling, Veterans, Disability Services, and Multi-Cultural Student Center. Also included is a Welcome Center, Testing & Assessment Center, Café, general classrooms, and the School of Education.

The project is a welcoming, student-oriented design that fosters socialization, engagement and satisfaction. The plan is easy to navigate and provides student services that support personal, academic and professional growth. The design provides highly visible connections, and the flexible Welcome Center can expand into the atrium to cater to the student population on the heaviest days of service.

Additional Information

Associated Firm

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (Associate Architect); James Posey Associates (MEP); A+F Engineers (Structural); AMT & Associates (Civil); Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd (Landscape)



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2021 Architectural Portfolio

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Student Centers/Service Areas

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