Momentum: Minnetonka Design and Skilled Trades

Minnetonka, Minnesota


Minnetonka Public School District


10,300 sq.ft.

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ATSR designed an addition for Momentum: Minnetonka Design and Skilled Trades. The 10,300-square-foot addition provides learning space for students doing hands-on work in engineering, design, construction, construction systems, manufacturing, and transportation.

The addition houses large and small group learning space, a full-service auto bay with four lifts, a large maker space for exploring construction trades, ample storage for tools and equipment, office space for educators, a gantry crane for large projects and hands-on lab space for robotics and other classes.

Minnetonka High continues to grow its programs with the help of key private sector and community partnerships. With its unique brand, Momentum helps students explore trades while simulating real-world experience, and the program continues to increase enrollment every year.

Equipping the maker space with a large, oversized garage door and gantry crane creates space for teaching sustainable practices in construction design. Students can learn about prefabrication and modular building in a climate-controlled setting.

With the auto bay and the maker bay being a hub of activity, the design also provides a second-level acoustically isolated classroom for focused instruction.

Minnetonka High has a long tradition of career and tech ed opportunities with hands-on learning. The Momentum addition maintains this tradition. Community partnerships connect the work students are doing in the classroom to the business and educational opportunities in the area.

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