Kranz Junior High School

Dickinson, Texas




Dickinson Independent School District


248,327 sq.ft.

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Kranz Junior High School is named for Eugene Francis Kranz, a retired Air Force pilot and former director of NASA Mission Operations. The Next Gen design elements include an open concept and graphics throughout the school, along with quotes either by Kranz himself or by other highly inspirational individuals. A space shuttle model on loan from NASA stands at the entrance to the school and serves to honor Kranz. Close by, a NASA alcove off the main corridor contains a portrait of him along with NASA memorabilia. The design encompasses an open library concept, spacious classrooms and multiple collaboration spaces to create opportunities for students to work with their peers, including STEM courses.

The school contains vibrant interior colors that enhance users’ energy, mood and productivity. Environmental graphics around the school broadcast space station culture and its influence on theme and progressive science curricula. The open concept library and commons encourage reactive, spontaneous social and learning activities. Shared collaboration areas facilitate active learning opportunities among classroom spaces.

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