Hillside Middle School, Addition and Renovation

Northville, Michigan


Northville Public Schools


194,787 sq.ft.

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Formerly the district’s high school, Hillside Middle School provides a flexible learning environment for students in grades six to eight. A unique feature of Hillside Middle School is its “community-centric” design—fostering small communities within the larger school community based on grade levels. Breaking the large school population into smaller learning communities provides a sense of belonging and fosters stronger interpersonal relationships among equals with an added sense of security and an enhanced learning atmosphere.

Collaboration zones were designed to offer a balance between supervision and independence while collaborative learning takes place. In addition to this being a place for collaboration, the learning commons acts as a refuge that is comfortable, safe, supervised, and relaxed. In the heart of the school, a multifunctional high-bay space forms the student commons, incorporating an elevated stage area with theatrical lighting for presentations and plays, and built-in bench seating to socialize with classmates. Flexible furniture in classrooms allow for quick adaptation that promotes collaboration in the environment but also still allows for social distancing.

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