Washtenaw ISD, High Point School

Ann Arbor, Michigan


TMP Architecture


Washtenaw Intermediate School District


132,894 sq.ft.

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John Castellana FAIA, REFP

High Point School serves about 70 special needs students from each of Washtenaw ISD’s nine local school districts. The building has 32 classrooms, 118,000 square feet of new space and over 12,000 square feet of renovated space, including the pool and gymnasium.

To support attending students, many design elements are unique and accessible. This includes oversized, automatic doors and wide corridors for easier traffic flow. Hallway parking considers spaces for student equipment. All building areas feature flexible lighting with controls to calibrate lighting temperature from cool to warm colors as well as dimmers to adjust brightness.

New spaces designed for the social-emotional needs of students have features to prevent triggers, including quiet rooms where students can decompress, updated acoustics in classrooms to reduce noises, and subtle, strategic colors. Two gross motor rooms have been equipped so that students can get up and out of their apparatus with chairs and swings.

The school is now an equitable space, and all students have access to mainstream classes.

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Mitchell & Mouat Architects; Peter Basso Associates; IMEG



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