George Wagner Middle School

Georgetown, Texas




Georgetown ISD


173,378 sq.ft.

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Design team: Kerri Ranney, Mike Hall, Laura McCollum, Michael Vermeeren, Konrad Judd

George Wagner Middle School is a progressive campus with an impressive culture. The Georgetown district engaged in an intentional planning and design process that involved summits, focus groups and surveys. Participants shaped a solution around a culture of choice, trust and responsibility.
Critical to the design is the use of flex space and transparency. Although students begin work in designated learning communities (sixth grade, STEM or humanities), they spill into flex space to research, make and collaborate. A culture of trust permits this behavior and is supported by transparency and strategically placed teacher design labs. Whether in their labs or walking the building, teachers have sightlines into all spaces and engage in passive supervision.
The design also supports variety. Learning communities have classrooms, labs and flex space that use nearly 100 percent movable walls. Classrooms open to form one large lecture space or close for privacy. Flexible furniture, outdoor patios, a maker space, learning stair, library and video lab provide diversity in space and method of learning. The commons is the campus core, used for assembly, dining, collaboration and socialization.

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