Dr. Craig Fullerton Elementary School

Omaha, Nebraska


Jackson-Jackson & Associates, Inc.


Omaha Public Schools


73,210 sq.ft.

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The Omaha Public School District wanted to site-adapt a design, previously used at two other locations, to be coordinated with the design of a new adjacent city park.
The educational specifications resulted in the following: media center located at the core of the facility with adjacent computer room and multimedia-distribution system networked to all learning areas; administrative area centrally located for visual control; isolated gymnasium and multiuse areas for after-school activities; teacher-preparation area apart from the classrooms; multiuse spaces for conferences, school psychologist, special education and individualized teaching; flexible use of space; center rooms of each wing designed as tornado/storm shelters; playground and gymnasium oriented adjacent to city park; an energy-efficient building envelope and mechanical system. Strategically placed windows to furnish optimal natural light but afford minimal energy use. Use of closed-loop, water-source heat pumps supplemented with boiler and chiller. Mechanical system selected for ease of maintenance, individual room control and energy efficiency; low maintenance; noise-control features and properly designed acoustics.

Photographer: ©Tom Kessler Photography

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