Blue Ridge Community College, Bioscience Building

Weyers Cave, Virginia




Virginia Community College System


40,000 sq.ft.

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Design Team
SFCS: Brenda Landes, Dereck Aplin, Emily Jimerson; Page (Lab Planner): Chris Cowansage, Wisam Aldabbagh

The new Bioscience Building is envisioned to expand support of bioscience fields and promote the establishment of new programs to meet industry needs in emerging fields. The primary goals were to create a central collaborative student zone and design the building as a showcase for bioscience education. The planning considers industry training in the research laboratory arena and evokes the feeling of a high-tech teaching laboratory on a four-year college campus.

The Bioscience Building includes flex lab space, which can quickly transform to meet changing needs for agricultural and pharmaceutical biosciences training. The building is shared with the nursing program and offers specialized nursing facilities. The design not only makes the building a showcase for bioscience education but also creates a central collaborative student zone with transparency into these specialized spaces. The first floor has bioscience and flex labs, a large lecture hall, two smaller classrooms, faculty offices, and a shared conference/seminar space. The second floor has nursing, histology, and microbiology labs, three classrooms, faculty offices, and informal study spaces around the atrium.

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