Alief Center for Advanced Careers

Houston, Texas




Alief Independent School District


215,960 sq.ft.

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The design of the Alief Center for Advanced Careers creates a college atmosphere and reflects real-world working environments. The center is organized into three zones: the shops (dirty) zone, lite (clean) CTE departments, and a communal zone between these zones. The communal area connects students across departments and encourages cross-pollination of information. This space contains an open dining area, community stairs and sunken collaboration plaza. Also, the center’s flexible furniture can be used throughout the facility. A prominent feature of the center is the Interactive Observation Lab. This inverted glass cone serves as a flexible exploration lab, and can function as an open lab, a makerspace area, or to meet any of the CTE’s needs.

The center was designed with the context of its community in mind. Several departments, such as culinary and automotive, feature visible exterior design to attract the public to participate. Also, customized graphics provide an individual spirit and enhance the learning environment. The center gives Alief district students an innovative, purposefully designed space that cultivates and trains their passions toward a successful career path.

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