Educational Interiors Showcase – Selecting Your Page Layout

Get Maximum Exposure for Your Educational Interiors Showcase Project

When you enter the Educational Interiors Showcase, you choose how many pages you want dedicated to your project in the August issue of American School & University. Consider how much you want to invest in exposure for the school/university and how much of the project additional pages let you show. Additional pages allow you to include a quote you provide from the school/university, bigger photos, a longer project descriptions, and allow readers to see more aspects of the design. Multi-page layouts also have double the images in the gallery.

Typical Page Layout:

Pages Photographs Description School/University Quote Print-Ready PDF File
1 Page 4-5 photos 100-175 words No No*
2 Pages 8-10 photos 250-300 words Yes Yes
3 Pages 12-15 photos 300-400 words Yes Yes
4 Pages 15-18 photos 400-450 words Yes Yes


Free! Print-Ready PDF of Your Project Pages From the Magazine

Free print-ready PDF of your pages from the Educational Interiors Showcase issue when you enter more than one project or for a project with a two-page (or more) layout. Print, post, and share with the school/university. This multi-page offer is the only opportunity to receive project page PDFs.

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