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Steffian Bradley Architects has new Boston Address


The firm has moved to Boston’s Innovation District

By Susan Lustig

Published November 19, 2012

After several years at its downtown location, Steffian Bradley Architects moved in October to its new corporate headquarters at 88 Black Falcon Avenue, at the very tip of the city’s Innovation District.

The new headquarters marks a new beginning for a firm that has spent more than eight decades in Greater Boston. Prior to moving to the new location, SBA office was located at 100 Summer Street.

Organized as an open, contiguous studio space, the new headquarters was intentionally designed to create a collaborative atmosphere amongst architectural teams. Workstations throughout the office are arranged in team clusters with a shared work table between each workstation.

These open work areas provide a "work in progress" team area where architects can collaborate, share ideas and information, and enhance team communication. Studio space is situated at the east end of the building to provide natural lighting and views of Boston Harbor to the design teams, enabling architects to draw inspiration from the sea environment and the flow of energy around them.

Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) is an award-winning firm specializing in architecture, planning, interiors, lighting, and urban design. It was established in 1932, and has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Canada.

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