AP Submission Materials

American School & University has an online form to send your Architectural Portfolio submission portfolio materials. There you will enter your project data, project description, and upload images and plans.

You will also find below a link to the online Manufacturers List.

No hard copy of your submission materials is required. Once you have completed your online submission, your submission is complete. The Project Data and Manufacturers List Word files below are provided for reference only – to gather information for the online form.

Before beginning your online submission, please read the 2020 Portfolio Submission Instructions and FAQ.

If submitting multiple entries, please complete your first submission and then return to the submission form to begin a new submission for your next project.

As a complimentary bonus for Architectural Portfolio 2020 entrants, you will be invited to contribute to a special editorial section on “How the Pandemic will Change Education Facility Planning and Design” that will be published in this issue. You do not need to submit anything for this at the time up upload your project submission. We will contact you after you submit your project to provide instructions for sending your input. There is no additional cost to participate in the bonus editorial section and participation is optional.

If you have any questions about your Architectural Portfolio entry or are having project or photography delays impacting your submission, please contact Molly Roudebush.

Click Here to Access Online Submission Form

Click Here for the Manufacturers List Online Form

2020 Portfolio Submission Instructions and FAQ [PDF]

2020 Project Data Example [DOC]

2020 Project Data Example – Landscape Architecture, Campus Master Planning, and Signage/Wayfinding Entries [DOC]

2020 Manufacturers List Example [DOC]

2020 Manufacturers List Example – Landscape Architecture, Campus Master Planning, and Signage/Wayfinding Entries [DOC]

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