Villanova University, Finneran Pavilion

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania




Villanova University


117,900 sq.ft.

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The design team was commissioned by Villanova University to reimagine the 30-year old Pavilion, the on-campus home for the Wildcats Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. The goal of the project was to create a Division I basketball experience, elevate fan experience, and increase revenue.

It is important to Villanova to celebrate the uniqueness of The Pavilion while creating an unmatched experience for players and fans. The design team worked closely with administrators, coaches, staff, and alumni to create a project that reimagines the arena into a world-class, basketball-centric facility all about fan experience.

The upgrade of The Pavilion relocated the main entrance. This new entry sequence, at the southwest corner of the building, will enable patrons to enter the building closer to where they arrive and take advantage of the large area south of the main arena.

Once inside, fans are greeted by a new lobby and hall of fame, with graphics and memorabilia celebrating the values and history of Villanova and its athletics program. Beyond the lobby, a balcony “ring” overlooks the open court, and above is a new, 360-degree concourse with merchandise and concessions.

Transforming The Pavilion from a multipurpose field house to a basketball arena enabled the design team to use areas within the structure for unique premium experiences. Three levels of club spaces were designed, blending the existing and new architecture with the market research data.

Amenities were improved, including upgraded spectator seating throughout, nearly double the restrooms, and several times the number of points of sale. The seating capacity will remain unchanged; however, every seat in the house will be upgraded.

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