Tuba City K-5

Tuba City, Arizona


EMC2 Group Architects Planners, PC


Tuba City Unified School District


62,880 sq.ft.

Total Cost


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Design team: Emc2 Group Architects Planners, PC; Peak Civil Engineering, Inc.; Broderick Structural Engineering, LLC; LSW Engineering (MPE)

The new Tuba City K-5 School, constructed for the Tuba City district on the Navajo Reservation, replaces the outdated Eagle’s Nest Intermediate School, which was built in the 1960s and lacked many modern amenities. The school’s vision is to meld traditional beliefs and Navajo identity with modern educational delivery.
In addition to providing 21st-century classrooms, the building helps the district attract those students who have left the district because of the condition of the existing facilities. Even before construction had begun, the district saw a spike in attendance in anticipation of the new school’s construction.

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