Troy School District Preschool

Troy, Michigan


Troy School District


68,600 sq.ft.

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The Troy School District focused on its goal of “Investing in the Learning of Pre-Kindergarten Students” through the creation of its Early Childhood Center. The Troy School District Preschool is designed to fit the needs of its 3- to 5-year-old users. The building has 26 large classrooms featuring natural light, large, open common spaces, and a literacy-rich flexible design. The preschool’s design was developed through the lens of its youngest users, and all interior features—from whiteboards, student artwork displays, casework and furniture, to plumbing—are placed for the students’ ease of access to make their experiences within the space more meaningful.

Troy Preschool blends into its adjacent neighborhood and resembles a large house, including windows mirroring those found in traditional homes, a slanted roof, and siding rather than brick. The home-like design extends to the building’s interior, featuring custom maple wood trim and accent woodwork throughout the building.

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