Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School

Tampa, Florida


Hillsborough County Public Schools


47,390 sq.ft.

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Built in 1906 by volunteers from the surrounding community, Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School has been an integral part of the Tampa Heights urban fabric for more than a century. In the wake of Hurricane Irma in September 2017, a failure in the building’s electrical system sparked a fire that destroyed much of the original school. The exterior masonry walls were salvaged and restored, and a new internal tectonic steel structure was designed to hold the brickwork safely in place.

To meet programmatic requirements, a two-story floating addition was constructed between the existing wings. The void between the existing footprint and addition becomes the vertical community organized around a central stair connecting all three levels. The dynamic relationship between the contemporary interior and historic exterior imbues the school with a renewed energy.

Reconfiguration of the site provides a single point of ingress and egress for enhanced safety. Improved amenities enrich the site and provide necessary supports for the reconstructed school. The rejuvenated courtyard features a shaded amphitheater tailored to small performances and outdoor lessons.

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JE Dunn Construction Company; Fishman & Associates; Campo Engineering Inc.; Master Consulting Engineers Inc.; VoltAir Consulting Engineers; Engineering Matrix Inc.; Ekistics Design Studio Inc.; Driggers Engineering Services Inc.; Element Engineering Group

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