Sylvester Stadium

Berrien Springs, Michigan


Berrien Springs Public Schools


14,805 sq.ft.

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Sylvester Stadium is a direct result of a campus-wide master plan study and the desire to organize common uses more effectively. Before this development, the District had a soccer field and running track in one location and a football stadium in another. Combining all outdoor track and field activities opens-up the heart of campus for future development.

An expansive development such as a sports field complex is actually a small master plan study – balancing spatial planning for approximately 10 acres, circulation, and site utilities. The faithful spectator watching a final regional game on a brisk fall night doesn’t realize that beneath the artificial turf field, rubberized running track, and parking lot, a series of stormwater collection structures and piping transports a tremendous amount of rainwater.

Since the Stadium is separate from other facilities on campus, the District had a desire to combine the home side spectator seating with a Team Building beneath the bleachers to accommodate team/locker rooms, restrooms, concessions, and storage.

The “remote world,” as we came to know it taught us how to interact effectively – remotely. With the uncertainty of in-person spectator involvement, the District decided to invest in live feed cameras to broadcast their games remotely to local “Shamrock” fans or those alumni located across the country.

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