Somerville High School, Media Center

Somerville, Massachusetts




Somerville Public Schools, City of Somerville


9,000 sq.ft.

Completion Date


Somerville High School’s new media center provides students with a visually dramatic space that offers flexible, diverse learning experiences and ubiquitous technology.

The media center is perched directly above the main entrance. Formerly situated in a dark, repurposed 1929 gymnasium, the media center now forms the heart of the school in plan and section, connecting many of the school’s diverse programs such as the Graphic Design CTE lab overlooking it. Rather than a fixed-destination “room,” it serves as passageway and inspiration for all students as they move from class to class.

The space features two classroom areas for technology-driven instruction. Open collaboration areas with whiteboards and soft seating cater to small-scale projects and peer-to-peer learning. Small group rooms serve students in need of private study or one-to-one instruction. A maker space supports hands-on project work such as 3D printing, robotics, and TV production.

Generous daylighting, a silent displacement-air system, comfortable furniture, and multilingual graphics add to the welcoming, inclusive feel. Outside, two green roofs provide authentic connections to the natural environment in New England’s densest city.

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