Seoul Foreign School, High School

Seoul, South Korea


Ennead Architects


Seoul Foreign School


185,000 sq.ft.

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Seoul Foreign School, a 111-year-old private international school in Seoul, South Korea, had an outdated high school building that hindered modern teaching methods. A new high school aimed not only to replace the old facility but also to create a fresh learning environment that combines collegiate and high school experiences, incorporating collaborative spaces for peer-to-peer engagement within the building and throughout the surrounding site.

The design embraces the school’s exceptional location, integrating natural materials, scenic views, and multiple outdoor learning spaces to blur the boundaries between the classroom and the landscape. Following the traditional Korean architectural concept of balancing openness and privacy, the design modulates every space, indoors and out, for different types of learning. The building features two wings with well-organized classrooms and labs, connected by central hubs on each floor. These hubs include collaboration zones and adjacent faculty workspaces strategically situated to foster meaningful interactions between students and teachers. Classrooms were meticulously developed in collaboration with educators to ensure flexibility and accommodate various teaching styles and desk configurations.

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BAUM Architects (Architect of Record); Andropogon Associates (Landscape Design); Atelier 10 (Lighting Design); HMBA (Technology)



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