Rutgers University, Alexander Library, Digital Learning Commons

New Brunswick, New Jersey


Rutgers University


16,000 sq.ft.

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The architect teamed with Rutgers University to challenge the preconceived expectations of the ”library.” The reading room on the first floor of the existing Alexander Library has been renovated into a state-of-the-art digital learning commons. The project creates a nexus where students can work together in multimodal situations ranging from team collaboration to independent research. Keeping the student experience at the core of design, supported by modern aesthetics and flexibility, the space includes an expansive open learning commons with technology-laden desking, conference and collaboration rooms, individual touchdown desks, audio booths, and a team presentation space with advanced technology for video conferencing and digital presentations.

The student spaces in the learning commons are arranged in a pinwheel configuration to maximize the ability to transition smoothly from independent research to team collaboration. The desks are sit-to-stand desks that allow for full accessibility and user well-being. The learning commons and central hub are framed by a range of space types with varying furniture settings that offer opportunities for small and large group interaction. By using innovative technology, creative design ideas and curated material selections, the digital commons is the innovation center at the New Brunswick campus.

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2022 Educational Interiors Showcase

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Libraries/Media Centers

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