Reichhold Center of the Arts

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands


The Bourne Group


University of the Virgin Islands


14,723 sq.ft.

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The Reichhold Center for the Arts, built in 1978, is a natural open-air amphitheater nestled at the base of a mountain, incorporating native stone and wood, mountainous drainage guts and retention ponds for heavy surges.

September 2017 brought two category 5 hurricanes that caused significant destruction. The design process for rebuilding was lengthy. various stakeholders sought out visionary elements to improve resilience.

The acoustics are magnified into the hillside by the original steel frame projecting roof. Impressive resilience includes self-sufficiency with a water cistern of over 85,000 gallons and redundant backup power systems.

The renovated amphitheater will be fully compliant with IBC and ADA codes. The upgrades will add sprinklers, floor-level egress lighting and unnoticeable glass handrails. Mitigation efforts rerouted downspouts, managed storm drainage, concealed hurricane shutters, and integrated internal pumps. Modern VIP suites, green rooms, dressing rooms, and advanced lighting, acoustics, and stage curtains were introduced.
Natural hues of yellow, browns, tans, and greys in stone, wood, tiles, terrazzo, stains, paints, and fixtures were selected, with a focus on non-porous finishes and black accents. When completed in fall 2024, the center will showcase its sustainability and viability.

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