Randolph Community College, Dr. Robert S. Shackleford, Jr. Allied Health Center

Asheboro, North Carolina


Randolph Community College


45,058 sq.ft.

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Design Team
Shannon Rydell (Principal-in-Charge); Tomas Eliaeson (Design Director); Adam Caruthers (Project Architect); Emily Dallmeyer (Designer)

This two-level medical training and education facility serves as a new, iconic centerpiece that expands the existing Randolph Community College campus.

The building, designed to meet LEED Gold standards, strategically maximizes the amount of natural, diffused light throughout. The simulated hospital and outpatient health care facility is on the first level, complete with exam rooms, intensive care suites, operating and procedural rooms. The live training labs for full Emergency Medical Services use a full-sized, operational ambulance. Hospital-like spaces are designed to maintain a realistic environment for learning and enable the space to be used for observation and instruction.

The second level is dedicated to traditional classrooms and expansion space, designed to maintain maximum flexibility for any future needs of the school.

Designed to promote the idea of natural health and wellness with varied niches, pocket parks, and plantings, both the building and the site serve to improve student health and well-being.

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2021 Architectural Portfolio



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Healthcare Facilities/Teaching Hospitals

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