Parkrose Middle School

Portland, Oregon


IBI Group


Parkrose School District


140,000 sq.ft.

Total Cost


Completion Date


The design is the result of input from key stakeholders, including school administration/staff, students and the community that the school serves. It represents the values of this diverse district, where 23 languages are spoken, and supports a project-based learning environment, where instructors and students learn from one another. The basic building block of the learning areas is a studio space configured in the shape of an “L” that is nicknamed “the fat L.” The classroom spaces are closely clustered with the glass enclosed conference rooms and small group learning spaces, creating a collaborative environment that is conducive to multiple learning modalities. Transparency in both design and visibility to the community is the prominent theme. Extensive daylighting contributes to this sense of transparency; more than 90 percent of the spaces in the building are able to be illuminated with natural light. The school’s principal described the project thusly: “It’s about visibility and making what we’re doing transparent to the community and each other.”

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Cost per Sq Ft


Featured in

2015 Architectural Portfolio

Product suppliers specified

Carpet by Tandus
Flooring by Armstrong World Industries
Flooring by Mondo USA
Physical-Education Flooring by Action Floor Systems
Brick/Masonry by Mutual Materials
Cabinets by Westmark
Ceilings by Armstrong World Industries
Elevators by Otis Elevator
Doors by Benson
Paint/Wallcoverings by Sherwin-Williams
Plumbing by Zurn
Roofing by Carlisle SynTec
Skylights by Kalwall
Windows by EFCO
Lighting & Accessories by Peerless Lighting
Lighting & Accessories by Ledalite
Security Systems by Samsung Electronics
Classroom Furniture by Smith Systems
Flooring by Tennant
Computers by Dell
Computers by Apple
Library/Media Center Furniture by 9 To 5 Seating
Library/Media Center Furniture by National Public Seating
Science Furniture by Smith Systems
Drinking Fountains by Elkay
Washroom/Shower Partitions by Scranton Products
Athletic Equipment by Performance Sports Systems
Bleachers/Grandstands by Interkal
HVAC Units by AAON
Draperies/Blinds by MechoShade
Kitchen Equipment by Champion
Kitchen Equipment by Delfield
Laundry Equipment by GE
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