Park Street Elementary Replacement

Marietta, Georgia


Breaux & Associates Architects


Marietta City Schools


84,370 sq.ft.

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Design Team
Kate Fijalkowska (Project Manager); Jessica Winstead (Lead Designer); R.K. Redding Construction Inc. (Construction Manager)

Nestled in a historic district of Marietta, Georgia, the new Park Street Elementary is a three-story K-5 school built to accommodate up to 675 students. Designed to replace and modernize an aging facility, the school was constructed on the playground of the existing site, while students attended classes as scheduled on the old campus. The design honors the aeronautical influences that the original school’s design drew inspiration from.

The original Park Street Elementary opened in 1944 to meet Marietta’s significant population increase resulting from the establishment of a Bell Aircraft plant during World War II. The original entrance to the school was heavily influenced by Aeronautical Design and the Streamline Moderne architectural movement. The important historical elements have been preserved and made a focal point in the design of the new school.

Completed in December 2020, the new school features a state-of-the-art media center with smart furniture, a gymnasium with auditorium and full-sized basketball court, and a community collaboration room. The event entry corridor leads to a grand stairway that serves as a secondary presentation platform overlooking the cafeteria, which boasts a multi-monitor presentation system. The cafeteria also features a garden wall where students can grow herbs and explore their culinary and scientific curiosities.

Classrooms wings are subdivided into neighborhoods, consisting of four classrooms within each cluster. Each wing has its own color identity, helping students and teachers to easily navigate their space.

Park Street Elementary’s STEM hands-on learning lab, art design lab, and innovation lab provide an environment where the school mission “Learn, Grow, Thrive” is nurtured, and the vision to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living is easily achieved.

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Featured in

2022 Architectural Portfolio

Product suppliers specified

Carpet by Shaw
Ceilings by Armstrong World Industries
Physical-Education Flooring by Aacer Flooring
Brick/Masonry by Cherokee Brick
Cabinets by TMI Systems Design
Cabinets by Wilsonart
Cabinets by Corian
Ceramic Tile by Interceramic
Doors by VT Industries
Doors by Eliason
Paint/Wallcoverings by PPG Industries
Athletic Equipment by Draper
Bleachers/Grandstands by Interkal
Lockers by List Industries
Signage by Mohawk Sign Systems
Signage by Gemini
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