Park Hill South High School

Kansas City, Missouri


DLR Group


Park Hill School District


265,000 sq.ft.

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Extensive community input resulted in accolades such as “imaginative” and “cool!” from users of this new high school. The progressive functional design acknowledges a two-year curriculum planning effort, within an environment that allows for personalized learning, integrated thematic instruction, community use and creative teaching.

Utilizing a 4×4 block schedule, the building’s design enables interdisciplinary team teaching, departmentalized instruction and school-within-a-school arrangements. The 1,600-student academic wing fosters flexibility with four 400-student pods. Each pod is divided in half and includes the following: an electronic-resource area and large-group space with smaller classrooms; an instructional planning area and conference room for small group meetings and personalized instruction.

Community-use areas, which include the informational-technology media center, an adjacent multimedia production room, a student art gallery, auditorium, kitchen, commons and gymnasiums, are contiguously located outward from the administrative offices in the activity wing.

The building is situated on a bluff overlooking the city skyline.


Photographer: ©Michael Spillers


"Good use of site…natural light…good materials, colors, patterns."—1999 jury




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