Omaha Northwest High Magnet School

Omaha, Nebraska




Omaha Public Schools


9,750 sq.ft.

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This renovation and addition sought to breathe new life into an existing school environment. It consists of two additions: a 9,750-square-foot multipurpose physical education space (with a training room and concessions area) as well as a new lobby and commons. Miscellaneous improvements also were completed throughout the school.
The new lobby façade, with its strong geometry of splayed exterior walls anchored by a tall glass clerestory, creates a welcoming beacon, an invitation to learning and growth. This façade, atop a long hillside lawn, creates a bold new public entry.
Inside, the light-filled gallery leads to an existing spiral staircase that has been reinvigorated with light and color. Offices have been relocated into flanking suites. The entry hall brings emphasis to a circulation crossing that has been expanded and activated with vibrant seating niches and display cases; the result is a stimulating new “heart” for the school.
This new lobby has become the focal point for students to congregate before and after classes to study or meet with friends.

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