Murray High School Addition and Renovation

Murray, Kentucky


RBS Design Group Architecture


Murray Independent Schools


121,480 sq.ft.

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Design Team
Craig Thomas, AIA (Principal Architect); Jeanie Cannon (Project Coordinator)

After completing the 2017 facility plan for Murray Independent Schools, RBS and the Board of Education determined that renovations and upgrades to the existing Murray High School were a top priority. After conducting a thorough study of the facility, RBS developed a list of items that needed to be addressed, including major renovation of the existing cafeteria, kitchen, locker rooms, computer labs, restrooms and the lobby, as well as water repellent at the gymnasium wall and kitchen equipment. This project also included replacement of the library, administrative offices, classrooms, and science labs with new construction. In addition, a new PA system, phone system, technology wiring, LED lighting and security cameras were installed, along with the replacement of the HVAC system.

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A & K Construction, Bacon Farmer Workman Engineering & Testing, Inc., Marcum Engineering



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2021 Architectural Portfolio



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