Missouri Southern State University, Jeremiah ‘Jay’ Nixon Hall

Joplin, Missouri


Missouri Southern State University


8,785 sq.ft.

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Jeremiah ‘Jay’ Nixon Hall provides interior and exterior environments that encourage collaboration between students and teachers. The facility is nestled on a hillside and contains four lecture halls, a dedicated mathematics office suite, open collaboration space and private study areas.

Mathematical elements were incorporated into various finishes, such as light fixtures, wall tile and furniture upholstery, to provide a distinct identity. And because the design is centered on flexibility and transparency, users can create their own learning adventure within Nixon Hall’s indoor spaces.

Missouri Southern State University is a connected, pedestrian-focused campus. Its new mathematics lecture hall needed to have a direct path to Reynolds Hall (an existing science building on campus) while allowing for potential growth. Paragon Architecture worked closely with administration, faculty and staff to determine how best to integrate existing walkways with new, intentional pathways for students and the community. One result was a beautiful, functional skywalk over Lantern Drive. This feature provided a direct connection and encouraged STEM students to seamlessly interact with one another and the campus.

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