Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School, McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall

St. Louis, Missouri


Centerbrook Architects and Planners


Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School


85,500 sq.ft.

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Design Team: Jim Childress, FAIA (Principal-in-Charge); Todd Andrews, AIA (Project Manager); Dave Symonds, AIA (Job Captain)

Certified LEED Platinum, this project was designed to create a social heart for the campus and to support the school’s teaching goals by facilitating proven innovative techniques.

The community area is configured to be one continuous space that provides a variety of places to converse and study. It bends and meanders, creating caves, perches inside and outside, and alcoves for tables and soft seating. An 800-seat oval-shaped forum is open to the surrounding community area. Large, door-less openings continue the theme of transparent connectivity.

The STEM classrooms are separated from the community areas with glass. This enables supervised group learning to expand into common spaces. The math and science spaces are intentionally commingled, and they are 30% larger than typical classrooms so they can accommodate traditional lectures, hands-on lab learning, team projects, and long-term experiments.

The exterior character speaks to a broad community. It is a blend of the campus’s traditional buildings on the outside, with innovative elements in the courtyard, and interiors influenced by nature. More than half of the site is dedicated to open space.

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