Lincoln Elementary School

Gahanna, Ohio


Gahanna-Jefferson Local Schools


82,000 sq.ft.

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Lincoln Elementary is the first new school in the Gahanna-Jefferson district in 27 years. The 750-student building cost about $24 million and replaced the old elementary school a mile away. The new campus has five classrooms per grade level, a cafeteria, gymnasium, two art rooms, two music rooms, and a media center, making it the district’s largest elementary school. The building also includes two behavioral unit classrooms, one on each floor, to assist special education students.

Grade levels are organized by color blocks for wayfinding. The kindergarten rooms are orange, first grade red, second grade yellow, third grade blue, fourth grade purple, and fifth grade green. Yellow and blue are the district’s colors and are displayed in the main office, gymnasium, cafe, art and music rooms and media center. Reading specialists are assigned to each grade and are close to the classroom blocks. Their spaces also display the colors associated with each grade.

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