Lake Michigan College, Hanson Technology Center

Benton Harbor, Michigan


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Lake Michigan College


49,376 sq.ft.

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With its innovative design, open classrooms, and state-of-the-art labs, the Hanson Technology Center is leading the way in advanced manufacturing education and skilled-trades training. Innovation, transparency and flexibility were key elements of the facility’s design.
Floor-to-ceiling windows provide clear views between classrooms, lab areas and common spaces. The flexible design of these spaces supports evolving educational pedagogy, technological advances, and changing needs in advanced manufacturing. Throughout the facility, students have access to collaboration areas that inspire teamwork, support diversity of thought, and encourage innovation.

Furniture was selected for its flexibility and durability. All chairs in the classrooms, fabrication lab, and simulation lab are wheeled for increased flexibility. Tables in the common space and fabrication lab are of differing heights so students may work comfortably on different projects types and according to their needs. The building’s entrance features a hanging art installation created specifically for the space and made of kiln-formed glass. The large wall graphic conveys the building’s use and gives a nod to the future of manufacturing.

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Collegiate Citation

Featured in

2019 Educational Interiors Showcase

Interior category

Technology/STEM Centers

Product suppliers specified

Carpet by Shaw
Carpet by Bentley Prince Street
Cabinets by Arborite
Ceilings by Armstrong World Industries
Ceramic Tile by Crossville
Ceramic Tile by Imola
Paint/Wallcoverings by Sherwin-Williams
Paint/Wallcoverings by Pittsburgh Paints
Paint/Wallcoverings by Benjamin Moore
Classroom Furniture by KI
Lounge Furniture by Haworth
Lounge Furniture by Steelcase
Office Furniture by Artopex Furniture
Office Furniture by Steelcase
Whiteboards / Markerboards / Chalkboards by Cig Jan
Classroom Furniture by Formaspace Technical Furniture
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