Johns Hopkins University, The Lab

Baltimore, Maryland


Johns Hopkins University


3,200 sq.ft.

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To support John Hopkins University’s mission to provide meaningful engagement and inclusive student gathering spaces, BKP designed The LaB, a late-night campus entertainment venue. The flexible coffee bar and hangout space provides alcohol-free options for collaboration, games, movies, and music. The renovation accentuates existing features of the 50-year-old building and adds technology, flexible furnishings, and a warm, industrial-hip aesthetic.
Situated in a former restaurant on the ground floor of Homewood Apartments, a university-owned student residence, The LaB meets students’ needs for a crucial “third” space — one that blurs the boundaries between academics and socialization and offers food and beverage options. Open from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m., the LaB offers coffee and snacks; special food programming (e.g., Milkshake Monday) is added periodically.
The university coordinates diverse activities in the venue, from salsa dancing to Super Bowl parties, but primarily leaves event planning to students, who enjoy casual conversation, group study, or games.

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