Joe Lee Johnson STEAM Academy

Austin, Texas


BLGY Architecture


Round Rock Independent School District


118,300 sq.ft.

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Associated firms: Cunningham Allen (Civil), MEP Engineering (MEP), Datum Engineers (Structural), True North Consulting Group (Tech/Security), KAH (Furniture)

The school’s administrators preferred a collegial appearance; a safe and welcoming environment was the top priority.
Expansive areas of glass in the main entrance vestibule encourage visual surveillance and enhance safety and security. A playful interpretation of the collegial feel resulted in a colorful “popsicle wall” at the reception area, setting the tone for all the paint colors used throughout the school. Terrazzo floor patterns that resemble balloons and ribbons add to the playful atmosphere.
Construction crews had to overcome delays in ordering the steel lintels supporting the interior brick veneer along the main spine. Cascading delays affected scheduling of the terrazzo floors. The terrazzo crew worked at night, so that other trades could accomplish their work inside the building during the day and complete the construction on time.
Having experienced cracking with polyacrylate terrazzo floors in earlier construction projects, the district opted for epoxy terrazzo floors. Relative humidity of the slab was checked prior to applying a slurry coat over the top, in preparation for the thin set epoxy terrazzo topping.

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