Humble ISD Kingwood Middle School

Kingwood, Texas


Humble ISD


205,000 sq.ft.

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Humble ISD’s Kingwood Middle School resides on over 18 acres and is situated to the north of campus athletic fields. The three-story replacement school building has many double-height elements—the media center, cafeteria, and the gyms—as well as a connecting corridor that brings all elements together. Flexibility is at the heart of the school; the cafeteria serves as a central gathering place for dining and as a reception lobby for student performances and productions.

Kingwood’s Culinary Arts CTE program is outfitted with high-quality restaurant-level equipment and is viewable by students through the prominent use of glass in between spaces. Additionally, the building has administration, classroom spaces, science and CTE lab spaces, a flexible black box/theater used for dance and fine arts, and athletic facilities.

The design incorporates the concept of Kingwood’s “Livable Forest,” using ample natural light and sustainable materials to combine interior and exterior spaces into a cohesive learning environment. There is space for collaboration, integrated physical activity, and movement, and classrooms are roughly 200 square feet larger than the original school. Car and bus drop-off and pickup are optimized to relieve traffic on the neighboring streets.

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