Hotchkiss School, Esther Eastman Music Center

Lakeville, Connecticut


Centerbrook Architects and Planners


Hotchkiss School


37,000 sq.ft.

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This music-arts center, with its glass-walled, 715-seat music pavilion, is an addition to a pre-existing theater-arts wing of this private boarding school in northwestern Connecticut. Inspired by English conservatories, it mediates between the modern existing building and the predominantly Georgian-styled campus. The pavilion’s glass walls are faceted to diffract sound and produce a full, clear musical tone. They also give visual identity to the music program and capture the serene panorama of nearby hills and lakes.
Designed with a flexible, flat floor, the pavilion accommodates rehearsals, performances, dining and other schoolwide events. A parterre seating with an overhead balcony-in-the-round create intimacy sought by audiences and musicians. A winter performance series and summer outdoor concerts are open to the public.
Individual and ensemble practice rooms, a music technology studio, classrooms, a radio station and faculty offices complete the center’s offerings. The building, clad in recycled copper, employs sustainable materials and resources, and is registered for LEED certification.

“Very creative and open to the outside world.
Exceptional interior!”–2007 jury

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