Elsie Robertson Middle School

Lancaster, Texas


Lancaster Independent School District


225,000 sq.ft.

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The project is a replacement school carefully designed to be constructed on site while school was in session in the existing building. After completion, the old school was demolished and converted into a public walking park.

The main feature of the campus is the central, three-story-high common area. STEM labs make up a major portion of the school and are adjacent to the library and media center and near the commons. STEM disciplines include aquaponics, engineering, PITSCO lab, audio/video production, and general technology, as well as areas for art and other specialized instruction.
The instructional areas are arranged into six houses. Each house has its own science labs and classrooms. The labs and lecture halls are in the center; classrooms are on the perimeter and have ample daylight. Each house also has its own workrooms, collaboration areas, and breakout spaces. The layout accommodates individual, small group, and large class gatherings, and is adjacent to outdoor areas for eating and pre-functions for gymnasium and auditorium events. The project also includes the full complement of performing arts and athletics areas.

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