Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy

Rockwall, Texas




Rockwall Independent School District


154,944 sq.ft.

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The design of Dr. Gene Burton College & Career Academy responds to the needs of the Rockwall Independent School District and its college partners. Inclusion of college partners enables user groups to share resources and support seamless integration of dual-credit courses.

Cooperative planning sessions resulted in an emphasis on STEAM subjects and professional course offerings. The floor plan facilitates interaction between programs with options for interdisciplinary collaboration.

A student commons functions as a dining/social/assembly area that supports a collegiate model. Collaborative spaces along the main spine connect the program areas and create opportunity for serendipitous interaction. A “black box” is surrounded by engineering, robotics, architecture and fashion labs and is used for instruction, prototyping and competitions. Transparency creates a deep connection to and interest in learning.

Maintaining objectivity in design choices and supporting a collegiate feel were important. The color palette and material selection blend the contemporary and traditional; colors are neutral, and the space is clean and light, creating a blank canvas for students. Exposed structure is minimized and used intentionally to support learning.


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