Daverman Hall Nursing School Renovation

Grand Rapids, Michigan




Cornerstone University


8,000 sq.ft.

Total Cost


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The renovation of Cornerstone University’s Daverman Hall transformed the eastern portion of the building into a medically focused education space. The rejuvenated wing offers simulation labs to equip students with realistic experiences in medical service scenarios. Breakout spaces, offices, and flexible lecture areas also were included in the renovation.

The nursing school needed to feel at once clinical and comfortable. Part of the solution was to layer neutral tones popular in health care settings on top of interesting patterns and fixtures to create a single, holistic space that maintains a sophisticated higher education feel. Examples of this technique are visible in the lounge and adjacent corridor, where eye-catching wallpaper and a chandelier create intrigue without breaking from the earthy tones. The terrazzo and brick provide continuity with the rest of Daverman Hall.

The design team selected durable, easy-to-clean furniture and materials that would stand up to daily wear and tear. These features also are common in health care spaces, where cleanliness is essential for the safety of staff and patients.

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2022 Educational Interiors Showcase



Interior category

Interior Renovation

Product suppliers specified

Carpet by Shaw
Carpet by Interface
Flooring by Tarkett USA
Cabinets by Wilsonart
Ceilings by Armstrong World Industries
Movable Partitions/Walls by InPro
Movable Partitions/Walls by D.L. Couch
Paint/Wallcoverings by Sherwin-Williams
Lighting & Accessories by Lumenwerx
Lighting & Accessories by Tech Lighting
Lounge Furniture by Keilhauer
Lounge Furniture by OFS
Lounge Furniture by Grand Rapids Chair
Multipurpose Areas Furniture by Source Intl
Multipurpose Areas Furniture by KI
Multipurpose Areas Furniture by OFS
Multipurpose Areas Furniture by Carolina Business
Multipurpose Areas Furniture by Enwork
Office Furniture by Keilhauer
Office Furniture by OFS
Office Furniture by Source Intl
Classroom Furniture by Hill-Rom
Cabinets by Cambria
Paint/Wallcoverings by DesignTex
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