Charles F. Brush High School

Lyndhurst, Ohio


South Euclid-Lyndhurst City School District


45,000 sq.ft.

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The Brush High School renovation provides a dramatic update to this cherished historic building. Constructed in 1927, the school has undergone multiple additions to support the community’s expansion. Recently, the district developed a strategic plan that outlined a vision to renew this growth and become a “destination community.” To support this goal, the district invested in its learning facilities by renovating 45,000 square feet of the 300,000-square-foot high school: redeveloping its media center, student dining, athletic facilities, and innovation lab, and infusing a new graphic approach throughout the building’s corridors and shared spaces.

A new formal entrance was developed to incorporate a secure vestibule and visitor entrance without detracting from the historical aesthetic. The media center was redesigned, transformed into a vibrant, multileveled space that serves as a library and area for collaborative work. To make better use of the athletic field, the existing gymnasium was raised one level, and new locker rooms and athletic offices were added underneath.

This transformative renovation supports modern education and embraces both the history and the future of the district.

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