Campbell University, Oscar N. Harris Student Union

Buies Creek, North Carolina


Campbell University


113,223 sq.ft.

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The new Oscar N. Harris Student Union returns a heartbeat to the heart of Campbell University. The building completes the historic Academic Circle and serves as a catalyst for student experiences. It centralizes opportunities for informal gatherings, dining, holistic wellness, student activities, and school spirit.

The building’s open design encourages chance encounters and community connections. The brick entry façade responds to the campus context and then opens to large expanses of glazing on the Academic Circle’s interior quad with views from within the building into the landscape. In the evening, views from the quad highlight the activity occurring within.

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Associated Firm

TA Loving; Stewart Engineering; Tipton Associates; RMF Engineering; Surface 678

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2022 Educational Interiors Showcase

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Student Centers/Service Areas

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