Newtown Friends School

Middletown Township, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Wallace Roberts & Todd


    Newtown Friends School

  • AREA

    13,300 sq.ft.





In phased development that allowed ongoing education and activities, this K-8 independent school was expanded to include a new library, multimedia computer center, additional classrooms and a new administrative wing.

Three new classrooms were added on top of an existing one-story wing, and the library/media center was constructed as a new two-story building with an ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$165.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio space and graceful stair connecting the two uses. A new elevator with front and back doors and half-stops provides accessibility and links the new construction to existing multilevel spaces of the school.

The new library pavilion was designed with childlike forms and simple detailing inside and out, complementing an existing barn on the campus. Corner windows take advantage of the long, western views across one of the last remaining Bucks County landscapes.

Exposed wood trusses, shingle roofs, brick and EIFS make up the simple surfaces, compatible with the existing school building and the old barn.